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    Timberman VS

    The game loved by millions of players all around the world - Timberman, now has a brand new, polished axe! Are you world-class wood chopper? Enter the digital forest and find out! Discover the Nintendo Switch version of this classic, casual game - slice and dice trees in an arcade-style, challenge your friends and be the fastest timberman alive! Timberman now features a single player challenge, to test your skills and unlock as much as 56 characters, and local games to have fun with your friends! Grab your trustworthy axe, become a true Timberman, and chop trees in 3, unique game modes: Classic Timberman: train your axe skills, gain exp to develop your account, and beat your personal high score - in a classic, single-player, infinite tree mode. Chop as fast as you can and avoid branches! Prove you're the REAL THING! Hero mode: be the hero and rescue birds from their nest in a burning woods - gain eternal glory and sweet loot! Can you reach the top of a tree and find a golden egg? Race: join the race and be the fastest Timberman in a fun, tree-chopping competition! Play with up to 4 players and test your chopping skills against others in a crazy, fast-paced match! First on the finishing line WINS IT ALL! Join millions of players playing Timberman, now on Nintendo Switch - featuring brand new, exciting game modes, plenty of crazy new characters to unlock, and more fun than ever!

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    Shawndroid says:
    A fun game to play with friends for 10 minutes before getting in to something serious.

    Hours of fun with family and friends. Even better than astro bears with a bunch of character unlocks. Switch must buy if you have others in your household.

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