Many organisms fight for resources and the opportunity to evolve. Be one of them, start from ZERO and become the best, the biggest and the most efficient of them all. Become the ultimate sparkle.
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    Sparkle ZERO

    The blue whale is the largest living organism on Earth today and can reach a length of 33 meters. Evolution comes a long way to develop such large and powerful organisms and that evolutionary journey always starts from much smaller creatures, like those the Blue Whale now eats; which can be up to 4 tons a day. Go back to the beginning of evolution. Start from ZERO and become the smallest creature – a spark of life - which has endless development paths ahead of it. Your task is to find food, which helps to grow and develop. But be careful, you are not alone on your climb to the evolutionary peak. Many other organisms also fight for the same resources and development opportunities. Evolution is rich in variations, some of which are not favorable for survival, leading to defeat by better suited organisms. Be the best, the biggest and the most efficient. Become the ultimate sparkle of them all. Fill the gallery of amazing creatures – the results of countless evolutionary variations. Visionary graphics Amazing atmosphere highlighted by mood music A complex evolution system for organisms with; Variety of organisms that populate the different layers of the world Gallery of the most interesting sparkles

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    So I got all the sparkle titles for $0.50usd a piece. Same opinion on all three pretty much. At that low of a price I got a relaxing time waster for when/if I'm stuck on public transit etc. It isn't exactly a great game, or much of a game even. It has excellent sound and nice visuals, it is surprisingly fun to play as a wind down type game. It is in no way worth the base price though. If I had to pick only one it would probably be genesis

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