• Description

    Desktop Table Tennis

    The desk sets the stage for this easy to enjoy ping-pong game!

    It may be simple to play, but don't take your eye off the ball!

    Challenge your friends to a ping-pong match anytime, anywhere!

    Shake and swing the Joy-Con™ controller to really feel like a part of the action.


    [Knockout Competition]

    Play alone using a variety of rackets and be the last player standing!

    Compete against tough bosses one after another!

    Master each stage's distinct style and aim to get the top score.


    [Friendly Match]

    You can play both singles and doubles!

    Cooperate with your friends or challenge them to exciting matches!

    Make your matches even more fun by competing on a wide variety of tables from traditional to futuristic-themed ping-pong tables!



    Participate in the Champion Cup and pit yourself against the best of the best! Hone your racket skills to take home the cup!



    Take on unique challenges!

    Find your own personal strategy to overcome them.


    [Capsule Smash]

    You can use the points you earn in each game mode to get new rackets!

    Show your style with a choice of over 100 different rackets!

    Punch through the target for a chance to get maximum points!

    Master the timing and aim for the high score!

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    Walhalla says:
    As simple as this game could be.. it is simple. There are much better games on the mobile phones, then this. If you would like to have the best game, then go for the tabletennis touch.
    But this doesnt meens, that this one is not worth it. Just the price could be lower. And you could use the joycons motion sensors...
    This doesnt intend to be a "real" table tennis game. Its more a "party" game. And I believe me and my friends will have some fun with it in the future. Just the single player is nothing... how to say... I will not be playing it alone.

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