Classic first-person blasting for the shooter connoisseur.
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    Vektor Wars

    Welcome to an 80’s neon future inspired first-person cyber shooter.

    The year is 2024 and you are Commander James Moses, a Space Ranger. Your mission: destroy the robot death army, rescue the Robodudes and save the world!

    Select your weapon and use your skills to face down a tidal wave of rogue robots... in this retro homage to Arcade classics such as Battlezone, Berzerk and Robotron. Frantic gameplay, an array of loud and destructive weaponry - you must cheat death at every turn!

    -Arcade shooter gameplay; where the only things that matter are your game skills and the high-score table!

    - Fast-paced First Person Combat within neon-drenched vector worlds 

    - An armory of loud and heavy weapons 

    - 9 World Zones to liberate, all with their own unique environments and enemies to annihilate 

    - A wonderful original soundtrack 

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    Action, Arcade, First-Person
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    July 11, 2019
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    June 28, 2019
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