Prepare for boarding! In SteamWorld Heist you command robot pirates in epic tactical shootouts, it’s turn-based strategy with a twist.
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    SteamWorld Heist: Ultimate Edition

    In SteamWorld Heist you command robot pirates in epic tactical shootouts. It’s turn-based strategy with an action twist: By manually aiming your weapons you'll pull off insane bullet-bouncing trick shots! SteamWorld Heist: Ultimate Edition is fully optimized for Nintendo Switch™. It comes with "The Outsider" campaign, including a mysterious ally and a shipload of weapons, upgrades, hats, and missions previously only available as DLC. As the captain, you board, loot and shoot your way through enemy spaceships. Overcome the challenges of the vast frontier by upgrading your recruits with unique abilities, weapons – and even stylish hats! Key features: Strategy focused on skill rather than chance 15-20 hours of playtime, followed by New Game+ Kind to newcomers, deep and challenging for veterans Soundtrack by real-life robot troupe Steam Powered Giraffe Optional touch controls for ultimate precision Procedurally generated levels What critics say: 10/10 - USGamer: "Everyone should play it" 9/10 - Nintendo Life: "Excellent" 8.8/10 - IGN: "Stole my heart"

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    Man I freaking love the steamworld games. Of the ones I've played, literally every time I play one I'm like "if you could only get one steamworld game get this one" but seriously, get this one, and probably Dig 1&2 while you're at it. You'll be pleased with the purchase.

    Doncoop says:
    I've come to expect nothing but great for steamworld games.
    Even if it's not your normal pickup, they make it easy enough to enjoy the story while having enough depth for those who love the particular genre of whatever game you buy.
    Story 4.5/5
    Visuals 5/5
    Value for money 7/5 if you get this on sale.

    Do it now!

    hmhrex says:
    I enjoyed this. I'm not much of strategy game person, but I love the SteamWorld games so I figured I'd give it a go. The controls are great, the banter is hilarious, and the weapons are a lot of fun. I also liked that turns don't feel like they take forever, and you can even speed them up. However, I found myself grinding out the last few levels so that I could move on to other games.

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Futuristic Greek Mythology Browser MMORPG

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    Action, Strategy, First Person, Role-Playing
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    December 27, 2017
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    15 hour(s)
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    Everyone 10+
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    English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
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