Stalk your target, set up the shot, and use your skill, patience and cunning to achieve the mission.
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    Sniper Elite V2 Remastered

    Experience the remaster of award-winning third-person shooter, Sniper Elite V2. Trapped between two desperate armies in a race against time, stealth is key. Stalk your target, set up the shot, and use your skill, patience and cunning to achieve the mission. AUTHENTIC SNIPING - Gravity, wind, velocity and more affect the shot. Providing the most realistic simulation of sniping yet ALL DLC INCLUDED - Take down the Führer, with all DLC missions, maps and weapons SNIPER’S CHOICE – Will it be a perfect long range shot from the shadows or a rain bullets as you command centre stage? MULTIPLAYER & CO-OP – Compete in 7 multiplayer modes, for up to 4 players local and 8 online, or team up with a friend and battle through 4 co-op modes NINTENDO SWITCH™ EXCLUSIVE CONTROLS – Enhanced for the Pro Controller and support for motion controls REMASTERED VISUALS - Modernised graphics, textures and effects bring this classic to life PHOTO MODE – Capture and share stunning photos

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    EriChaos says:
    I remember having this way back when and being blown away by how in-depth the kill cam is. Until the 3rd SE amplified it with muscle display. The game is very rewarding by being sneaky, but the core gameplay revolves around using your rifle. The other firearms are cool, but the sniper takes the cake. And if you'd like to make it similar to a simulation style game and take distance and wind into play, the harder difficulties allow just that.

    It's a great game, but I have only one flaw: Depending on how far you are before sniping, enemy characters can look quite polygonal due to the render distance.

    Other than that, if you'd like a stealth-based game that rewards every well placed shot with a kill cam showing your bullet's damage, pick this one up.

    (One last thing: If you're like me, and want to see as many kill cams as possible, set the frequency higher in options, and snipe when your BPM guage is in the blue. They occur more often this way.)

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