Jungle Z is a doomsday survival game.
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    Jungle Z

    [Game Features]

    ●Life or Death?

    Your choice! You need to be survived on the last day of Earth with limited backpack space. Supplies are hidden at somewhere, explore the it. Be careful! Every decision you made may related to your life and death.

    ●Battle with a variety of zombies

    Remember to always to be ready and prepared to face varieties zombies come from nowhere.

    ●Zombies who know the sound

    In addition, zombies also have hearing ability to recognize the surroundings. Your running, exploring, shooting or attacking will attract the attention of zombies. You can attack zombies by sneaking.

    ●Overall arrangement strategies

    Night is the real battlefield! The zombies are extremely powerful in the night. You need to arrange and build your own defenses before dark.

    ●Cooperate with your friends

    Exchange your supplies with other survivors and make friends with them when you meet them. They could be your partners but remember that not all survivors are friendly.

    ●Maps Diversity

    You will be reborn in different location, face different map and new experience if you die.

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    I didnt like this one very much. The fetch quest style chapter missions quickly turned boring and consisted of me running around blindly trying to find what was needed.

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    April 7, 2019
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