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    Motorsport Manager for Nintendo Switch

    In Motorsport Manager for Nintendo Switch™, the console debut for the series, you will build, customize, and lead your very own high-performance Motorsport team through 9 tiers of racing action, across three car classes to become number one. Race to win in this immersive management strategy title where real-time racing decision making and forward planning are the key to victory.

    Unsure of your latest driver? Scout new talent. Want to push your cars' performance? Build and buy better parts. Everything from your cars, engineers, and mechanics, to your headquarters, sponsors, and more is within your control, just remember to keep an eye on your cash flow!. Can you master every facet of Motorsport management? Balance the books while staying at the cutting edge of driving technology, expand your racing empire and get the results on the track to keep your team in poll position.


    • 17 unique circuits from around the world, featuring an exclusive Nintendo Switch™ circuit in New Zealand allow you to race in a variety of international locations.

    • High resolution texture and graphical enhancements for Nintendo Switch™ bring the action to life like never before, allowing you to experience the race on the track in full 3D.

    • Full customization of your entire staff allows you to tailor the details and traits of any driver, engineer or mechanic on your team from their appearance down to their personality and skills!

    • Touchscreen controls and utilization of the Joy-Con™ controllers allow you to lead your team to glory both on the move and on the sofa.

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