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    Assault Android Cactus

    Experience an arcade style twin stick shooter set in a vivid sci fi universe. Junior Constable Cactus is outside her pay grade when she responds to a distress call and ends up stranded on a crippled space freighter under attack by its own robot workers.

    With a draining battery mechanic instead of lives, Assault Android Cactus+ challenges you to think fast and shoot faster. Charge head first into an army of refitted robots, transforming stages and massive boss showdowns.


    • 9 playable androids, each with a distinct play style and personality.

    • 25 stage campaign, Boss Rush, Infinity Drive and Daily Drive give you many ways to play.

    • Online leaderboards to compare yourself against your friends and the world.

    • Unlock game modifying EX options, explore the codex and listen to Developer Commentary.

    • An all new Campaign+ mode with remixed stages for a fresh challenge.

    • Supports local co-op in all game modes up to four players.

    • Play with any configuration including Nintendo Switch™ Pro Controllers and single Joy-Con™ controllers using aim assist.

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    sfb1969 says:
    Really one of the better twin-stick games in recent years, although it isn’t discussed much. Super smooth, and surprisingly high variety among the levels in the campaign — and each character plays quite differently. Somehow I am never able to defeat the very last boss, no matter what I have tried. Nevertheless, a quality game all around.

    WonkyToad says:
    I had this free on the Xbox One and played on a whim. Boy, was I glad!
    It was addiction at first play. Loved it!
    The pace, challenge, characters, and rooms were all spot on. Not too hard and not too soft... Just right.
    As a matter of fact, I played it days straight to the end. Great twin stick shooter that I just may double dip so I can have it on the go!

    Had and beat this on PC with multiple characters, it's absolutely one of my favorite twin-stick arcade shooters out there. Intense, each character plays quite differently, and a lot of fun.

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    Arcade, Action, Other
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    March 8, 2019
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    up to 4 players
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    3 hour(s)
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    Witch Beam Games
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    Witch Beam
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    Everyone 10+
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    English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish
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    February 20, 2019
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