It's the caterpillars' merciless growth competition! Defeat everyone else and be the last caterpillar standing!
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    Caterpillar Royale

    Caterpillar Wars DX is an action game where you eat food, grow your caterpillars, and fight enemies to survive. Your caterpillars die if their heads touch obstacles or enemy-caterpillars. It's a merciless caterpillar battle royale! Split-screen - a maximum of 4 players can duke it out. This game contains 3 game modes: "Mission / Mini Soccer / Obstacle Course." In Mission Mode, you fight through all 6 stages by clearing every mission in each stage. Up to 4 players max can play (COM included.) Mini Soccer is a mode where you split into 2 teams and play mini soccer. Head-butt the ball into the opposing team's goal! The team with the most points at the end wins. Up to 4 players max can play (COM included.) The Obstacle Course is a race to the finish line, defeating your enemies while avoiding obstacles. Up to 2 players max can play (COM included.)

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    $2.49 (Reg $4.99, 50% off)
    Ends Aug 27
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    10 Points
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    Action, Racing, Party, Multiplayer
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    February 19, 2019
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    up to 4 players
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    English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish
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    February 19, 2019
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    © SIMS Published by Starsign
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