Surf as far as you can through the oceans, caves, snowy hills and deserts full of sand.
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    Surfingers – The game made by the creators of the cult Timberman.

    Surfingers is an arcade game with controls based on up-and-down movement. The player must change the height of the wave in a dizzying pace, bypassing many obstacles (ships, balloons, rocks, trees, bones, pyramids etc.) and try to get as long as possible without touching anything.

    The game offers surfing through various worlds, including: ocean, snow, desert or hell. There are over 20 characters available to choose from!

    The graphic design of the game was inspired by 1970s California, colorful posters and the Surf Rock music genre. In addition, we used a variety of colors to make the game more enjoyable!


    - Over 20 characters to unlock

    - Surfing music and graphic

    - Worlds full of dangers

    - Innovative gameplay

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