A retrofuturistic racing-shooting game
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    Mercury Race

    Mercury Race is a shooting & racing game set in a retrofuturistic world. Finish each circuit in time to obtain the badge and achieve ranking number one. The game will challenge not only your driving skills but also your shooting accuracy. -Original shooting & racing mechanic Can you drive and shoot at the same time? Mercury Race will challenge you to keep an eye on the road and also on the enemies and items on the circuit. The more enemies you destroy the more crystals you get to increase the speed of your ship. Mercury Race does not try to be a driving simulator game, but an arcade experience with fast action, quick plays and a precise gameplay. -15 challenging circuits There are 15 different circuits, will you get all the badges? -8 different ships Choose between 8 different ships, each one with its unique features and attributes. Find the one that suits you best. -Local multiplayer Play with a friend on the split screen mode. Who is the best here? -Arcade & King of the Galaxy mode Try to get each badge on Arcade mode or play a sequence of five circuits on King of the Galaxy mode. Galaxies have their own ranking. -80´s style original soundtrack Mercury Race has an original 80´s style original soundtrack made using real analog synthesizers from that era. Enjoy this synth-wave / dark-wave music while trying to survive each road! Are you ready? The race is about to begin!

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    Racing, Arcade, Action
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    February 7, 2019
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    Everyone 10+
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    January 31, 2019
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