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    Child of Light Ultimate Edition + Valiant Hearts: The Great War

    Play the Child of Light Ultimate Edition and Valiant Hearts: The Great War bundle at home or on the go. Enjoy both games' intricately crafted worlds that tell deep and personal stories.

    Enjoy two great games in one bundle, providing hours of immersive entertainment.

    In Child of Light, join Aurora on her journey to save her ailing father and a lost kingdom in the magical world of Lemuria.

    Fight alongside your allies to upgrade your stats, unlock unique abilities, and use unique gems to improve your skills.

    In Valiant Hearts: The Great War, the lives of all the characters are inextricably drawn together over the course of the game.

    Choose your favorite control mode and experience the game with either a Joy-Con™ or the touch screen.

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    Adventure, Platformer, Role-Playing, Strategy
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    February 25, 2019
  • persons
    up to 2 players
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    Game Length
    17 hour(s)
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    January 26, 2019
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