Jump into the super-fast spaceship, avoid and shoot oncoming obstacles.
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    Hyperide: Vector Raid

    This game puts a modern spin on obstacle course gameplay, inspired by the all-time classic, River

    Raid. The player controls an ultra-fast spaceship on a rescue mission and needs to be mindful of the

    oncoming space debris, as well as the power level of the ship, which is resupplied by picking up

    special crystals. But this is no problem for one of the speediest vessels in the galaxy!

    The game is inspired by two classics, pop culture masterpieces, River Raid and Tron. The gameplay is

    a tribute to the well-known old-school arcade titles of the past. Jump into the super-fast spaceship,

    avoid and shoot oncoming obstacles, and all of this at crazy hyperspeed! It’s not going to be easy –

    with everything happening at a blazingly fast pace, you’ll need all of your attention. The entire

    gameplay takes place in multi-dimensional maps inspired by ’80s movies, especially Tron, making

    every level full of vibrant neon colours, weird geometric shapes, and accompanied by electronic

    music. Add all the best features from classic arcade games – power-ups, collectibles, and crazy high

    scores – and you get Hyperide: Vector Raid, the best game for arcade fans!

    Key features:

    - Gameplay inspired by the classic River Raid formula

    - Controls utilise the steering possibilities provided by Nintendo Switch

    - A crazy, warp-speed journey in vibrant space inspired by Tron and other ’80s movies

    - Three different void quadrants and an old-school boss fight

    - Hyper speed, ships, jumps, galaxies, multinational astronauts, and many other super features

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