A classic tower defense game with unique weapons and monsters.
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    Swamp Defense 2

    Swamp Defense 2 is a classic tower defense game with unique weapons and monsters as enemies for any beginner or defensive specialists. Fight countless enemies with a huge selection of gun turrets (in the form of comic heroes) and additional helpers (mines, air support, block wall) on more than 60 maps. Earn coins to obtain improvements in the integrated shop system and to buy new towers. History: In a once very peaceful village, a strange professor tried to build a machine (Arcade Klonomat) that was intended to clone cows and increase milk production. Already in the first tests, he found out that cows could not be cloned due to the high protein content of the milk. In short, the professor secretly sank the Arcade Klonomat in a nearby swamp. Favored by toxic fumes from the waste stored there from the local nuclear power plant, the Arcade Klonomat has been creating terrible swamp monsters since that day who wreak havoc in the neighborhood. Courageous villages fight an almost hopeless fight against the spawn of the swamp without suspecting that the valued professor is to blame for this problem. Instead of trying to find a solution, he built an Arcade Klonomat for people and demanded money for its use. Since this is only a very small village, the few residents are forced to clone themselves in order to compete against the swamp monsters as an army. Get rid of the evil breed and fight against the swamp attack of the monsters! TD features: - Shop system for buying and improving towers and for purchasing special weapons - 9 defense towers, capable of improvement (2 improvements each within a battle) - Support towers, special attacks and elements that can be placed along the path - Unique opponents - 54 unlockable maps + 9 bonus maps - Tower control (control of direction and aim of a tower) - Power-up for each tower: damage, rate of fire, range - can be placed along the path: mine, adhesive cream fence, block wall - Supporters: fire power expansion, range expansion - Global help: area bomb, atomic bomb, air support

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    I've been playing this. Not ready for a proper score yet, but it is basically what I wanted: cheap, no-frills tower defense. As a guy who actually likes tower defense, so many TD games trying to be half-action to me is kind of missing the point. This game does a fair decent job of allowing control with both touch and buttons, but the buttons definitely seem like an afterthought and could use some improvements.

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    Strategy, Puzzle
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    November 15, 2018
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    November 15, 2018
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