EasyTech brings its studied and skillful approach to World War II strategy gaming with World Conqueror X on Nintendo Switch.
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    World Conqueror X

    This entry in the long-running series offers varied missions, with a strong focus on history to add intrigue to each battle. Across dozens of battles and multiple modes you manage a diverse range of troops and military units in turn-based conflict, utilizing advanced strategies such as air defenses, while always being mindful of battlefield environments and cities. You can level up your HQ, capture enemy strongholds and also strengthen your own cities, build landmarks and gain access to powerful Generals. Battles take place on the ground, at sea and in the air, requiring careful strategy for victory. There are two main modes that combine to offer many hours of challenging strategic warfare. Scenario Mode includes Axis and Allied missions from WWII in Europe and in the Pacific, as you experience key historic battles from both sides. There are 40 missions (plus tutorial stages) to conquer. You can also engage in Conquest Mode, choosing a starting point of 1939 or 1943. Choose from over 20 countries and seek strategic and military dominance over your foes. Features: Turn-based strategic warfare based around key events from World War II. Engage in historic battles from both the Allied and Axis perspective in Scenario Mode, with 40 battles in total. Build your own wartime empire in Conquest Mode, choosing from over 20 countries. Develop your HQ, earning access to powerful Generals and perks to turn the tide of battle. Consider all aspects of strategy – ground units, air and sea battles, establishing defenses and evolving your cities to boost your chances of success. Utilise touch controls in handheld mode or use a controller for portable, desktop or TV play. A Switch console exclusive.

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    Valek68 says:
    A collection of the titles released on mobile, that were free to play.
    Put together for X, and strategy War gaming feels a lot better and more solid. Plenty of battles, Generals and upgrades to get through, and this JUST makes value for money here..

    This game actually reminds me quite a bit of Advance Wars, if it took itself much more seriously, used real world people/locations, and had a hex grid. Somewhat more complicated to figure out and it didn't hold my attention long enough to finish any campaign.

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