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    Jack N' Jill DX

    Once upon a time, Jack and Jill, went up the hill, to fetch a pail of water. It didn’t particularly end well for them, and to be honest, things aren’t exactly great for another Jack and Jill either. In Jack N’ Jill DX, players must assume the role of Jack, overcoming many hazards, in a bid to reach Jill, who awaits him at the end of 140 levels, in typical old-school one-button platformer fashion! But, for the players who feel the guy should be the one who needs saving, we absolutely agree and that’s why Jill is available as a playable character as well! Features: * 7 worlds made up of 20 levels each * 7 in-game mini-games., where you can earn tickets for the in-game store * 1 button gameplay * In-game store with in-game tickets that are used for unlocking hats and screen colours * Mirror mode * 2 Playable characters

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    Awesome level design and a really nice pace of increasing difficulty and game mechanics, after the first world that is.

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