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    The rhythm-music gameplay of BIT.TRIP RUNNER and Runner2 is back and better than ever! The Timbletot is determined to rid the multiverse of all its love and happiness. CommanderVideo, a lover if ever there were one, refuses to let this happen. He's ready to jump, double-jump, wall-jump, slide-jump, slide, kick, float, drive, fly, and dance his way to victory, all across a medley of thrilling, challenging, and joyous levels! Features: Hero Quests! - Runner3 is filled with oddball characters in need of your help. Lend them a hand and they'll reward you generously! Vehicles! - Players will encounter wild vehicles that stand no chance of ever being deemed street legal. Eggplant planes! Celery cars! Cans propelled by carbonation! And so much more! Branching Paths! - Every level in Runner3 offers branching paths of varying difficulties. Take the hard path and earn yourself some gems; opt for the normal path and line your pockets with precious gold bars. The choice is yours! Retro Challenges! - A series tradition, every level in Runner3 has an accompanying "retro" level--it’s like two games for the price of one! These levels will also offer a series' first: free movement! Control CommanderVideo in ways you never have before, and earn precious "Gildan" coins in the process! Item Shop! - Players will be able to spend their hard-earned Gildans and gems on costumes, capes, accessories, and more. There are no in-game purchases in Runner3--keep your dang money! New Playable Characters! - The Commanders are joined by friends new and old, including Dave of Woah Dave! fame, Unkle Dill, Frank 'N Stein, Awnty Rewty, and more! Charles Martinet! - Charles Martinet, known best as the voice of Mario, returns for his role of "The Narrator"

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    DeQuimet says:
    Runner3... I was very excited to hear that this game was being made, as I liked the second game in the series. The first one was also decent.

    My first impression just after release was not good.
    - I played in TV mode with a pro controller and I noticed serious input lag; not good for a precision game like this.
    - The camera keeps moving around all the time and prevents from correctly seeing what's coming next. It might be a little behind the character one moment so you perfectly see what's coming and the next moment it switches to slightly in front so you don't have as much time to prepare.
    - Serious difficulty spike right at the beginning. I couldn't even finish the first world, whereas in Runner2 I made it quite far before being stuck.

    Then I heard the developers were implementing an easy mode in a future patch. I shelved the game until the patch came out. The difficulty options at least make it possible for me to progress, and some fixes were done to improve the input lag problem, but the core issue I have with Runner3 is the camera. I often fail a level not because I missed a jump knowing it was my fault, I fail because I can't prepare for what's to come. Sure the graphics are in pretty 3D (2.5D) but the constant moving of the camera is the real problem.

    I'm seriously considering selling my copy and I almost never do this... It's not a bad game and I think plenty of people could enjoy it but I think it's not for me.

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