Become a Pro User!

Why should you pay $2 a month for this app?

Good question. The biggest reason is it can save you a lot of money on Switch games. As a Pro User you can get email alerts whenever games on your wishlist go on sale. Even just a single sale email each month can be worth way over the $2 you are paying. Second, you are helping to support the hosting and development of this system. Take the plunge, you won't even notice!

  • No ads!
  • Email alerts when games go on sale
  • Email alerts when games come out
  • Option to set a color & avatar for your username!
  • Option to set different background patterns!
  • Love from the dev and maybe a hug!
  • Only $2 per month!

Note: this works best if you setup it up by going to in a browser. If you Go Pro from the apps, you might want to send Firestream a message afterwards.

Ok, so if you've gotten this far down the page maybe you aren't that interested in subscribing to help support the app. That's ok! If you still want Pro status and don't want to do the $2 a month subscription, you can do a one-time purchase of $15.