The Dungeon of Doom awaits…
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    Descend into the depths of the Dungeon of Doom and complete your quest: steal the Amulet of Yendor from the fearsome dragon and make it out alive. Unexplored is the roguelite that feels like a roguelike. An accessible yet challenging action RPG that has won praise for its revolutionary level generation tech. Explore dangerous dungeons, forge magical items, solve mysterious puzzles and battle hundreds of foes. Unexplored: Unlocked Edition includes the main game and its three DLC packs: Mithril Run, Ripley Run, and The Dark Ritual. Key Features Explore the ever-changing Dungeon of Doom – no two runs the same Intense melee combat – fight against goblins, trolls, skeletons, wyrms and many more creatures and bosses Stealth mechanics – dungeon-crawl like a real rogue! Real emergent gameplay with many tactical options Challenging, generated puzzles await on every new run 7 distinctive character classes to unlock and master Adaptive, original soundtrack complements the action

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    Valek68 says:
    It will take a few plays, to get used to the controls, but it's a very good little Roguelike game with loads of replayability, difficulty levels, and extra dlc

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