Work as a team to beat the accidental evil you have created!
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    NoReload Heroes

    NoReload Heroes is a chaotic co-op party shooter for up to four people. You play as a team, fighting your way through randomly generated rooms filled with various types of enemies, picking up insane magitech guns on the way. Shooting stuff up is simple and hilarious, but only the best of teams can make it all the way back to the evil they've created. FIVE-SECOND LEARNING CURVE Almost anyone can play NoReload Heroes, from the casual player to the seasoned gamer. No matter how many times someone dies, they can always be revived, as long as at least one of you stays alive. On the higher levels, it will not be so easy... Still, you only use a couple of buttons, and best of all, no need to reload! Simple but intense, laugh-out-loud fun. UNIQUE GAMEPLAY SESSIONS Randomly generated levels, 70+ unique magitech weapons, 43 enemy types and 3 bosses will give you a different gameplay experience every time. There's no way you could meet every enemy type during one session, we've made sure of that. Can you ascend through the maze-like construction to defeat the evil AI you have created? Work as a team to stay alive, or it’s back to the bottom floor with you! DIFFERENT WAYS TO PLAY Squeeze onto a couch with your buddies. If someone's late, they can use hot join to jump in at any point. NoReload Heroes is paced for conversation and designed for social situations, like parties and game nights. We want people to be happy together!

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    blipadouzi says:
    Great get and a lot of fun, but no checkpoints, and no savefile really makes it difficult to want to replay it. There isn't even souch as a way to keep your equipment or xp. We've played the same 4 levels over and over with no progress.

    This is a good game for 1€, but if you play in 4 player mode, it's a bit laggy.

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    Forever Entertainment
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    July 12, 2018
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