Heavenly and demonic forces wage a covert war beyond human perception, and you're the newest combatant!
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    The Lost Child

    The Lost Child is an RPG set in modern Japan. Hayato Ibuki, an occult journalist, is thrust into the middle of a conflict between angels, demons, and fallen angels. Now, he must capture defeated foes and turn them into valuable allies.

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    The Lost Child has the ability to take you on a roller coaster ride, complete with highs and lows, when glossing over the structure and execution of its systems. On one hand, it does well with its dungeon diving system, though possibly playing it safe when viewed by those who eat these kind of games for breakfast. The combat itself is engaging enough, backed by a decent crafting and loot progression system.

    Building up your demonic companions is fun although it leaves a little to be desired when compared to its obvious source of inspiration. The story and its characters are not great and will be a definite point of contention to those who count on an engaging story experience. Plus, it lacks the appealing aesthetic and sound design that one may expect from an older styled RPG, especially at its price point.

    There apparently is a massive post-game dungeon that will really test your mettle, but that does nothing for those just wanting to experience the base game. Setting that aside, the game is a bit on the short side for $50USD.

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