Unwind and enjoy the slow life in Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles, a relaxing open-world adventure game.
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    Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

    Yonder is set in the world of Gemea.  A natural island paradise with eight distinct environments ranging from tropical beaches to snow-capped summits. But Gemea is not as perfect as it seems.  The mysterious Murk has taken hold of the land! As the hero of Gemea, you can seek out the hidden and whimsical creatures known as Sprites. Use their power to clear the Murk and restore nature's beauty. As you explore Gemea, you can barter with friendly locals, discover unique materials to craft with, befriend the adorable wildlife and even create your own working farm. Yonder offers a world to lose yourself in; a world filled with the wonder of discovery and the spirit of adventure.

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    I have put a few hours into this game and have decided it is not for me.

    Initially, the no combat thing didn't really bother me. But everything else is so shallow, that you really kind of long for any kind of combat period. Yonder, to me, feels like it offers the busywork of an MMO without an engaging story and/or combat. I liked the introduction to the game, but it kind of opens up thereafter and doesn't put a huge emphasis on the story after that.

    Freedom is great in open world games, especially when you can be whoever you want to be. But at the same time, the content still needs to be engaging enough to keep you invested. There is farm management and such here, but nothing we really haven't seen before. Without combat, quests boil down to fetch quests of no story substance, as well as escort missions that, in a supposed peaceful continent, doesn't really make sense.

    Yonder has a truly beautiful art style, however I did not find myself enjoying it as much as I thought I would on the Switch. Docked, there are definite slowdowns in more populated areas, and the clutter distance particularly in grassy areas is pretty shallow. In handheld mode, there is a pretty dramatic blur that comes into play in favor of smoother performance.

    I also was not a huge fan of the fisheye-like field of view. While I appreciate being able to see a wide range of terrain at once, there was just something about it that felt a bit "off". Ultimately, the whole experience just seemed a little too shallow for my tastes. I enjoy an open world just as much as anyone, but I need a reason to be excited about exploring it in order to keep it in focus.

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