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    Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap

    Boasting beautiful, hand-drawn animations and a re-orchestrated soundtrack, the cult classic returns with a unique blend of exploration, action, and adventure! Cursed into a half-human, half-lizard monstrosity by the Meka-Dragon, you are in search for a cure! The only way you can return to human form is to find the Salamander Cross, a magical item with the power to remove curses... With each dragon slain, the curse intensifies, transforming you into different animals! Explore large, interconnected locations populated with grumpy monsters and exotic dragons! Play as the game's classic character, Hu-Man, or as his brand-new, long-awaited co-star Hu-Girl. You can also inhabit Lizard-Man, Mouse-Man, Piranha-Man, Lion-Man, and Hawk-Man, and use their unique abilities to uncover the land’s deepest secrets. Enjoy 3 difficulty levels catering to players of all types, and switch from modern graphics and sound to 8-bit graphics/audio at any time - even during gameplay!

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    Walhalla says:
    Even its a reskinned game, its fun to play. Or maybe because its a reskinned game its fun to play. I havent played any wonderboy game before.. because of the graphics. It was too retro for me. To oldschool. And I wouldnt play it, if it still would be looking like the 8bit game. But the way it looks now.. its fun to play and this shows, how important the view of the game is. If you are a fan of the Wonderboy games, this is a must for you. But even if you dont know them.. the same as I dont know them... even then, this game could be a good choice for you. If you at least like platformers... :-)

    Ok yeah it's a reskin, but it was done with a lot of love on a game that aged surprisingly well and the physical edition with all it's goodies and beautiful reversible cover makes it one of the favorite pieces of my collection.

    toendra says:
    Animations and graphics look absolutely great, but game physics and controls didn’t evolve a bit since the original game. Same with level design.

    Ihsan says:
    Charming graphics can't fully hide that this is essentially a reskinned version of an old game, which specifically shows with jumping and hit-effect mechanics. Regardless, it's still a great game.

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