Tee up anywhere – on and off the course.
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    Golf Story

    Golf Story combines the sheer excitement of golf with a serious story that plays out over 8 different courses. Play the story of a golfer who is forced to give up all that he holds dear for one last shot at accomplishing his dreams.

    But all is not so simple in the world of golf. To best today's players you have to be able to keep up with them both on and off the course.


    • Tee up anywhere! You'll be surprised by how many problems can be solved by hitting a golf ball at them.
    • Explore 8 unique environments, each with their own courses, challenges, people and secrets.
    • Play through a dramatic story with a diverse cast of characters.

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    My take: I did not play any of the GBA golf titles, but I did grow up with a passion for games like Hot Shots Golf for the Playstation. This game offers a ton of content for the price. It is split into a fairly lengthy story mode, as well as a pickup-and-play mode for those not interested in the former. Golf games can tend to be a bit frustrating at times, but I feel that Golf Story strikes the perfect balance between casual and a more hardcore approach.RPG elements are fairly light, but are nice to have nonetheless. The game world looks really nice, especially if you are a fan of pixel art. While I did run into some game-breaking bugs a few times, those were few and far between (and they may have been patched by now). I have yet to play this multiplayer, but I imagine that it is just as fun as single player.This is a perfect game for RPG fans that are looking to dip their toes into the sports genre. Even if you aren't a sports fan at all (I'm typically not), Golf Story is worth a shot (pun intended, sorry).

    Luffy says:
    Nice timing gaming. Feels very simple yet satisfying. Humor and care put in the game are gold!

    EdRuzh says:
    I can't stop laughing in this game...πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    firestream says:
    A really chill and fun game even if you don’t like golf. Light RPG elements. Humorous writing, great music and solid golf mechanics.

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