Re-live the golden age of dungeon crawlers in a simplified version fully adapted for consoles.
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    Heroes of the Monkey Tavern

    After countless days and nights celebrating within the infamous Monkey Tavern, our team of adventurers have spent every last penny... Their fates, however are about to change...

    Like a gift from the gods, in walks a mysterious stranger who points them towards a high tower full of invaluable treasures.

    It doesn't take much more to rouse their thirst for adventure.

    You will enjoy exploring a dungeon full of riddles, dangerous enemies and vicious traps.

    And if luck will discover secret passages sheltering legendary weapons and armours.

    Key Features :

    • Dungeon exploration in grid-base movement
    • 8 classes
    • 3 difficulty levels
    • 2 hours of intense music
    • Static real time fights
    • 22 different enemies, including 6 bosses
    • Numerous traps and secrets
    • More than 100 unique items

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    A very basic first-person dungeon crawler that did not appeal to me whatsoever. Not a terrible price, however.

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