Koi DX reflects a tranquil and mesmerising experience as you embark on an introspective journey through the lens of a lone koi fish that has been separated from its owner.
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    Koi DX

    KOI reflects a tranquil and mesmerizing experience as you embark on an introspective journey through the lens of a lone koi fish separated from its owner and is the last hope for purifying waters polluted by mankind. It’s up to you to turn the tide and guide the koi through eight artfully rendered stages that will take you into the murky as well as enchanting waters, deep below the surface.Search and activate the hiding small fish, bring the small fish to open the flowers with the same color.The wandering black fish should be avoided once encountered.Once all flowers are opened, the black fish will be purified.

    Other features:

    Memory jigsaws
    The memory jigsaws are spread in each of the levels. When picked up, the story of the corresponding level will unlock and can be viewed here.

    The little fish is not alone but with other companions there. Unlock the alternative characters to enjoy a different experience.

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    Mouser X says:
    I liked the music. While there isn't a whole lot to do, I enjoyed looking around, and figuring things out. I haven't gotten all the unlockables, so there is more to go back for. I think a 7/10 is pretty fair, but since 3 stars is basically 6, and 4 is 8, I opted for 3 stars (6/10) because the average (of the 3 ratings so far) then works out to 4 stars, which is reasonable.

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    November 8, 2017
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