Flick! Bump! Knock off!
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    Our Flick Erasers

    Relive memories of playing with friends in school!

    Flick your opponent's eraser off the desk!

    Have a great time playing up with to 4 players in a variety of modes!

    Play with your family or friends anytime, anywhere!


    You can use more than 300 types of erasers!

    You can also create your very own eraser!


    [Single Player]

    Whether it's defeating one enemy after another in Battle Mode, clearing various stages in Challenge Mode, or battling for the highest score in Flicky-racers Mode, there are plenty of things to enjoy.



    Up to 4 players can play. In addition to making your own erasers and fighting it out in Battle Mode, clear challenges by trying co-op in Party Mode, or compete for a high score in Flicky-racers Mode. There's something for fun everyone to enjoy!



    The land is in disarray. Defeat various erasers all over Japan to once again unify the land! Battle your way through teachers who have dressed up as ancient Japanese generals!



    Combine parts to make an original eraser, and then use those erasers in other modes. Create the greatest eraser ever made!


    [Mystery Classroom]

    Use the points you get from various modes to get more erasers. Collect and play to complete your collection!


    [Mini Game]

    Roll the baseball eraser for major points!


    Note: No matter how strange, everything you see here is an eraser.

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    $10.36 (Reg $12.96, 20% off)
    Ends Oct 31
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    50 Points
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    Action, Arcade, Party, Puzzle
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    August 2, 2019
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    up to 4 players
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    August 2, 2019
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