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    Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark

    Take control of the Arbiter Kyrie, an agent of the Immortal Council tasked with preserving stability and order throughout the land, and lead your troops through difficult encounters.



    - Experience an epic and mature story, over 40 story encounters and challenging end-game content.

    - Tactical combat battles, with rugged terrain and elevation, on beautiful hand-drawn environments.

    - A deep and complex class system with over 20 classes and 200 abilities, customize every one of your characters through the selection of their class, sub-class and passives. 

    - Equip your army with over 240 pieces of equipment, either purchased, gathered from fallen enemies or created from crafting.

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    I've just finished this game, really enjoyed it. Extreme similarities to PS1's Final Fantasy Tactics, so if you liked that jump on this. There are unique points, but you can also clearly see things like "Oh, this is XXX but they renamed it YYY." Lots of fun to build up the jobs for different characters and combine equipped skills to good effect. There are several dozen story battles, and beyond that you can choose to "Patrol" completed maps or enter arena fights if you want more.

    The developers are working on a DLC expansion, but no clue on when they think it might be ready.

    Well huh. The game showed up on nintendo.com and... I guess August 14 was right, and the tweet from the publisher saying August 18 was wrong.

    Date is slightly off at the moment; it's August 18.

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