This game offers nostalgic and new experiences! This is a wonderful roguelike dungeon RPG! It's when the courage which takes your one first step is tried!
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    DragonFangZ - The Rose & Dungeon of Time

    Rose is half human and half dragon. One day, she wanders into a world called "Tree of time" with her nanny, Fairy.

    It is said that there’s a powerful treasure deep under the dungeon. In order to return back to their village through the power of the treasure, they decided to face the challenges of the dungeon!

    If Rose is defeated during the adventure, she will lose all items and her level will be reset. And because the dungeon transforms every time you challenge it, the quests will never be the same. Your courage and growth will be the key to clear the dungeon!


    • One choice, one victory: This game is turn-based. Both Rose and the enemies take turns moving. Players can think about what to do on their next turn. Wisdom and courage will bring you "small victories," and these will eventually bring you "huge victories."
    • The "Fang" system: Rose can wear Fangs of monsters and gain their abilities. There are more than 200 kinds of monsters. You can seek the strongest combination and arrange your Fangs however you like.
    • The "Brave" system: Rose powers up when there are no obstacles around you within 8 squares. This overturns the "battling within the passage" theory of the Roguelike game
    • This game also has the Ranking function, Item Warehouse, Monster's Database, Achievement, Mini Puzzle, and Dungeon for Advanced Players.

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    Petra says:
    I didn't know what to expect of this game, but I saw something that reminded me of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, with some cute character designs, and some questionable localization (it's gotten much better). What I ended up stumbling upon is one of my favourite roguelikes to date. No matter what new games I have, or where I'm at, every once in a while I just pop this game open and play for a couple of hours. My favourite part of this game is there's these characters called Golems which when they die, they drop a gem that births a device that runs around and upgrades another dungeon enemy up one rank into a serious monster. I honestly find this game such a pleasure to play.

    For me, DragonFangZ is a great example as to why you should not judge a book by its cover alone, because hidden behind the cutesy design is a very enjoyable roguelike – one that, in some ways, challenges a few of the age-old conventions of the genre. The depth and flexibility of the Fang mechanic helps keep things fresh (and your available toolkit vast), and the added incentive to fight out in the open because of the Brave system sets in motion a nice change of pace (and is less claustrophobic than corridor farming). If you can look past the price and the abysmal translation, DragonFangZ has a lot to offer to those that prefer more RPG in their roguelikes.

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