Put on your magic hat, the quest for candies has begun!
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    Sweet Witches

    Play as the adorable witches Praline and Vanille who can only rely on their magic ladders, unique abilities and power-ups to claim the sweets they deserve!


    Brave the danger of 50+ levels in 5+ unique worlds all by yourself or in cooperation with another player. 

    The party needs to grow? No problem, challenge the two antagonists Anis and Reglisse in a spectacular Versus mode for up to four players.


    Ingredients of our enchanting recipe:

    - Four playable witches, each with their unique spell;

    - 50+ levels in 5+ unique worlds in the Story mode (solo or coop);

    - 5 unique arenas and 2 play modes in the Versus mode (up to four players);

    - No jump, summon magic ladders to make your way through;

    - Surprise gift boxes with mighty weapons to crush your foes;

    - Seeding the ground with flowers to charge your powers;

    - As many sweet treats as you shall deserve…

    ...how many is that? Find out now!

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Futuristic Greek Mythology Browser MMORPG

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    Action, Arcade, Party, Platformer
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    July 27, 2019
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    up to 4 players
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    Drageus Games
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    July 20, 2019
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