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    Desktop Bowling

    A full bowling experience that's simple to play and supports up to 6 players!

    Change your desk into a zoo, an iceberg, and a variety of other stages!

    Master over 90 different types of bowling balls!

    Feel the bowling ball in your hands through the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con™ controllers!



    Take on the challenge solo and clear areas!

    A tough boss will appear at the end of each area!

    Get new bowling balls as rewards when you win matches.


    [Multiplayer Match]

    Up to 6 players can play.

    Play a game of bowling whenever, wherever you like!

    Choose from a selection of unique lanes based on a classroom.

    Have a ball with the Joy-Con controller's realistic controls!



    Up to 4 players can play.

    Play together in Versus and Co-op in an assortment of stages!

    The fun never ends when playing with friends!



    Defeat your rivals in the Champion Cup!

    Stay on your toes and aim for victory!



    Take on a variety of challenges!

    Use your skills to clear each difficult stages!


    [Capsule Strike]

    Topple a Capsule Pin to get a new bowling ball!

    Bowling balls in different shapes, weights, and powers will appear in the game. Collect them all and show off to your friends.


    [Mini Game]

    The challenge of the century—100 Pin Bowling!

    Score points for every pin you knock down!!!

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