Explore an enchanted world in classic action-adventure fashion.
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    Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King

    Explore a vast open game world in classic action-adventure fashion as Lily, Knight of the Rose!

    Slash your way through monster-infested dungeons to save the Kingdom of Blossom from eternal darkness. Collect unique weapons, spells and items during your journey to take down powerful bosses and solve clever puzzles. Be part of a vivid, dynamic story passed down from grandfather to grandchildren by influencing the course of events yourself!

    ..'A perfect title for anyone who wants to recapture the sense of discovery felt while playing through A Link to the Past for the first time.'


    • 15+ hours of gameplay
    • HD Rumble support
    • Huge, diverse game world with many different locations
    • 5 challenging dungeons
    • Various items impacting gameplay and fighting style
    • Fun, charming storytelling

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    Lordlamb says:
    Like Zelda 2-D overhead games? Get this. It has its own charm while maintaining the Zelda formula!

    Having played up to halfway through the final dungeon, I can say that this game is definitely worthy of its praise. It leans very heavily on the 2D Zelda formula. While it doesn't really bring anything new to the table, the presentation is charming enough to certainly merit a playthrough. Well worth the asking price for sure.

    firestream says:
    This game has a ton of charm and is quite fun but also very difficult. If you loved Zelda especially a link to the past this one will feel right at home.

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