Join Riley and his friends on their journey to Gira Gira land.
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    Penguin Wars

    Join Riley and his friends on their journey to Gira Gira land. Collect items and earn candy to evolve your favorite character. You can also buy "Gira Skills" that let you learn special moves for each character. You can play one on one, two on two, or even play with different rules such as using bombs and other items against your opponents. Each character has a different skill set so make sure to use and master appropriate characters to help you on your journey.

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    Walhalla says:
    Penguin wars was released a long time ago for the NES system and for the Gameboy system. So Nintendo has a long history on this game. This one looks up to date, but its the same game as on the GameBoy. almost. For me its an arcade cabinet game. Even the game is old, this is my first encounter with it. And it keeps me calm. I´m not hyping about it. I´m just a bit sad, as I´m awaiting an AAA game and I´m getting only CCC games or such remakes. But there must be some good game around the corner... And yes, there are good games on the way.. so you should probably save your money for another game, then this one..
    But if you liked it on the gameboy.. then you will probably love it on your switch...

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    $7.49 (Reg $14.99, 50% off)
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    35 Points
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    Action, Arcade, Fighting
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    Physical Release
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    June 27, 2019
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    up to 4 players
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    Dispatch Games
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    City Connection
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    Supports Cloud Saves
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    English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish
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    June 27, 2019
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