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    Miner Warfare

    Are you ready for this 8 players local multiplayer bonanza?

    Miner Warfare is a frantic 2D multiplayer arcade game.

    Up to 8 miners have to dig their way through dirt blocks and other miners's face to be the wealthiest gold digger at the end of the match!

    You have 4 minutes to dig as much gold as you can, breaking dirt blocks with your trusty pickaxe or using the crazy weapons you'll find inside the crates that are randomly teleported through the battlefield.

    This multiplayer mayhem will test your skills and friends!

    Main Features:

    - Up to 8 local players!

    - 20 maps + 14 mini maps for the small screen!

    - 40+ weapons!

    - 30+ WACKY COSTUMES!!!


    - Explosive bananas and a nuclear bombs!

    - The Holy Grail!

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Futuristic Greek Mythology Browser MMORPG

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