How long will you survive?
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    ZOMB is a first-person shooter game where the player must survive and save the World from Zombies. ZOMB is single player campaign game that will test your combat skills to the limit.

    Having just parachuted from a burning plane into a unknown city swarming with zombies and with limited ammo, the only way to survive is to get the random ammo drops from around the city and become the ultimate action hero,  however as each second passes the zombies increase in number and become stronger, much stronger!

    How long will you survive? 

    ZOMB is an easy to play, fast action game based on the gameplay of the first-person shooter games of the late 1990's, that will make you want to play again and again!

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    Walhalla says:
    If there should be one game you should NOT play... then you should select and pass this one. If you are at least 30 years old, then you may remember the times when there were shareware games on the PC platform. And there were first FPS games. Spear of Destiny, Wolfenstien 3D, and Heretic and so on... and all of those - which are 15+ years old are MUCH better then this one. On this one you cant aim up and down. You can not look around with the right thumb stick. To make a 180 turn... it takes 9 seconds!!!!!
    If the game were on a PC I would think I just have an old 286 PC and its just slow on it... But we have seen Doom and Wolfenstein on the switch. Running great... how could we compare those games to this one. If doom is an AAA title, then this would be an XYZ...
    There is just one level, one "mode", endless waves of zombies... endless boring game...

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