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    Headball Soccer Deluxe

    Smash the soccer and score goals in this addicting soccer game!

     Aim your big head headers and perfect your kick skills to destroy your opponents team defence. Use the slime, ice, and gum to your max advantage in offense skills!  

    Decorate your characters with a variety of costumes,

    Create the best athletes by developing characters in your own way!

    Game on!

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    Walhalla says:
    There must be some cool games being released for the switch. But this is not one of them. Again a game which is not worth installing on our mobile phones as a free game. And about paying 5 usd and installing it on our Switch? No... I´m sorry, that I must write so many "bad reviews / comments" on the new released game... but the games are BAD! And it makes bad PR to the switch. I would be ashamed if somebody sees this on my device.. I would like them to see Assassins Creed or MotoGP or such games.. but not this one!!!

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