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    Boxing Champs

    More than just a boxing game, Boxing Champs mixes fast and fun top down arcade graphics and animations and mixes it with simulated game-play to give the real feel of boxing. Feel every punch with full punch control using the Right Stick. Start swinging away and challenge friends in multiplayer, or make history by moving up the ranks in career mode to become the undisputed world champion. Snap the jab from the outside, and throw combinations, or get inside and brawl away with hooks and uppercuts. Capture the spirit of boxing and knock it out of the ring.

    · Single player or multiplayer, take on the AI or challenge friends for all the title belts. Fight in Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, the Downtown Gym or the Boxing Champs Arena.

    · Create a boxer: Create your very own boxers, with over 70 hairstyles, change hair color, body color, body type, gloves, shorts and boxer stats. The possibilities are endless! There is 30 Boxers pre included in the roster.

    · Career Mode: Create you fighter, and with your trainer, move up the world rankings, There is 4 different champions, Clean the mess up and win all 4 belts to unify the titles.

    · Full Punch Control: Use the Left Stick to move and the Right Stick to punch with these intuitive controls for a boxing game, feel every punch as you move the Right Stick in the direction you want to punch, with vibration giving that extra feel when you land. For those who prefer buttons you can also use the buttons to punch.

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    This is about as basic of a boxing game as it gets. Boring and plain. Fighting even seems like a button guessing extravaganza with some questionable mechanics thrown in. Like when you knock down a fighter and they get back up, they have full health. Not good. Pass on this one unless it's under a buck.

    Walhalla says:
    As I see it, the releasing spree of "worst then mobile" games on the nintendo Switch continues. This one is really bad. I understand, that I may be too old for this kind of releases, they may be for younger audience. 5 or 6 years old... but I wouldnt be happy to see my 5 years old son to play violent boxing games... I cant recommend this one. I dont like it and I cant believe somebody can like it...

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