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    Siralim 3

    Siralim 3 is a deep, monster catching RPG. Collect 700+ creatures to fight for you in randomly generated dungeons. Find treasure and use it to craft items, empower your creatures, learn spells, and more.


    * Collect and breed over 700 different creatures to fight for you.

    * Explore randomly generated dungeons with 15 unique tilesets.

    * Craft artifacts and spell gems to equip your creatures for battle.

    * Infinite playability - there's not even a level cap. New features are introduced well-beyond the 100-hour mark. You'll never run out of things to do!

    * Rich end-game content, including Itherian Realms, super-bosses, arena battles, and much more!

    * Take part in holiday events to unlock exclusive creatures, items, and costumes for your character!

    * Asynchronous player-versus-player battles. If you win, you'll earn exclusive items!

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