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    Let's Go Nuts

    I'm sure that you always wanted to play a platform game with cute squirrels, where each level is full of objects to move, funny monsters to defeat, and nuts to collect. I'm entirely sure that was always your dream. You can save squirrels in single-player levels, endless mode, and local co-op multiplayer because your friends can dream too! 

    Your party will turn to a great party when you start this game! :)

    Key features

    - Local co-op multiplayer game for up to 4 players. Perfect for a party!

    - Single-player story mode 

    - 40 levels and 4 diverse worlds

    - Mix of fast platform gameplay and dynamic puzzles 

    - Cartoon-style fun! 

    - Full of movable objects that you must use to finish each level 

    - Endless mode level - run from monsters!

    - Supercute custom headgear for squirrels!

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