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    • Platforming: Wall-jumps, slides, pipes, lifts, springboards 

    • Beautiful: Emotional soundtrack and vibrant visuals 

    • Peaceful: Non-violent, open world without death 

    • Playful: Learn to play without tutorials 

    • Relaxing: Play at your own pace without pressure 

    • Dynamic: Changing world and music-synced day/night cycle 

    • Seamless: Half an hour of uninterrupted quality playtime 

    • For everyone: Enjoyable by a wide variety of player skill

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    Walhalla says:
    For the price below 3 USD... I was not sure what to expect. The description of the game could be interpreted as "a boring game". But it... somehow... is not boring. It should take 30 mins to finish it. After 10 minutes i was 33% through it... and then the other day I finished it in another 18 minutes. Maybe because I knew it should take 30 minutes I dint run away from the game after the first 5 minutes. I´m happy I finished it. The world wouldn´t end if I would miss this one... but still... for the price.. and some of your children may find it fun as well..

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