Welcome mortal to the Hotel Dracula! Now get ready! Uniform in hand and to work!
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    Hotel Dracula

    Welcome mortal to the Hotel Dracula!

    Now geat ready! Uniform in hand and to work! Hotel guests will not handle themselves and they don’t belong to patient.

     Myself, Count Dracula is asking you for help in running a hotel and restaurants to multiply profits and develop business further! There is really a lot of work because our gates are open during the day and night. 

     In our hotel, everyone is welcome: with sunrise we welcome people and with sunset our door opens for vampires. This is for security, because we do not like each other too much. Unfortunately, there are cases when they come to us and tease in inappropriate time what causes the dissatisfaction of the guests. In this case, pick up the garlic or other bogeyman and show culprit his place! 

    But there is so much to do!

    You have to prepare the rooms, take out the garbage, take orders, and much more.If you have troubles, I do have some simple spells that will help you in peak hours to keep the situation under control!


    *An addictive game designed for the development of the hotel.

    *Accept guests and vampires and make money.

    *In the game you will find a good portion of humor.

    *The game world in the climate of castles and vampires.

    *You may be a little scared, but you will have a great time.

    *You will find spells that will make it easier for you in difficult times.

    *Mini games will give you a moment of relaxation, but also extra income.

    *Smartly manage the hotel and cleverly handle your guests.

    *It's up to you to decide how the hotel is going to run.

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Futuristic Greek Mythology Browser MMORPG

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