Restore memories to save a fading world.
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    The adventure of LOST SPHEAR begins in a remote town of Elgarthe where a young boy, Kanata, awakens from a devastating dream to find his hometown disappearing. Facing an ominous power that threatens the fabric of reality he must awaken the power of Memory to restore the ‘LOST’. To stop the world from disappearing forever, Kanata and his comrades set out to rebuild the world mustering different Memory and crafting the world around them.

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    Jussie3au says:
    It's an average JRPG with a nice and simple gameplay design. The objective / "save the world" objective is fairly weird but otherwise easy to follow. The game does require a second play through of your save file to get the true ending. It also gets a little long winded towards the end. If you're a Square Enix fan then pick it up on sale.

    Luffy says:
    Bought it on sale and worth it to me. Kinda reminded me of old ff3/4
    But not worth the full price for sure

    This game, without a doubt, improves on almost every aspect of its predecessor, but it also manages to do a "two steps forward; one step back" shuffle. Despite the hefty story and gear progression issues, I think this game would definitely be worth a purchase on a sale. It may even be worth the dive for some at full price, but you should be aware of its shortcomings before making that decision. Ultimately, it is hard to recommend Lost Sphear when there are games like Xenoblade Chronicles 2 near the same price point that arguably offer a much more riveting experience.

    firestream says:
    A real snoozefest.

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    January 22, 2018
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