Fast paced action-packed gallery shooter!
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    Bot Vice

    Show off your skills and reflexes in this frantic gallery shooter arcade action title - Filled with bullets, bots, and explosions! You play as Erin Saver, who carries out a personal vendetta against the criminal gang the Wildbots while bringing them to justice.


    Bot Vice features an automatic aiming system that completely redefines the gallery shooting genre and lets you focus on what really matters: shooting, dodging, and having fun! Master the controls until you find yourself FLOWING to the rhythm of the most intense gallery shooter ever made. Erin won’t level up, but YOU will.... Are you ready for the challenge?


    - Super intense arcade shooting action!

    - New enemies, dangers, and bosses at each stage!

    - Unlockable “Extra Missions” mode.

    - Three difficulty levels: Insane, Warrior, and Rookie.

    - Polished and colorful pixel art visuals.

    - Catchy 90’s synth-rock soundtrack.

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    sfb1969 says:
    Very compelling action game, in some ways like a compressed, single-screen version of the old Sin & Punishment games. Player is challenged to continuously move, dodge, and aim across a good variety of levels and enemies. Aiming is a bit easier than the S&P titles given a sequential lock-on control, but overall the game is quite challenging. No question there is a learning curve up front, but once it clicked I felt quite agile and skillful. I also enjoyed the aesthetics and the ultra-cheesy cut scenes. If you are a fan of 16 or 32 bit action, older arcade games, or shooting galleries, you’ll likely enjoy this.

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    Action, Arcade, Adventure
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    April 10, 2019
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    1 player
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    5 hour(s)
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    Everyone 10+
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    Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
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    March 26, 2019
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