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    5tring3r says:
    The game if fun but it feels like you need extra fingers in order to try hit all the buttons you want at once. I've only played part of the game on normal and some levels have been a challenge already. Definitely a game I'd buy again.

    Walhalla says:
    I was not expecting tooooo much from this game, but it is really great. The mechanics are something what I was wishing from a game for a long time. The graphics and the movements could be a bit better, but when everything is moving you dont mind some little flaws. I spent two hours on the first run of the game. Then I had to go to sleep. But I will spending some more time on this. A lot of time. And Lets see if the update polishes a bit the movement animations...
    but still, I must recommend this game!!!

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Futuristic Greek Mythology Browser MMORPG

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