Make use of your management skills to finish work projects in time!
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    Monument Builders Rushmore

    Build famous Mount Rushmore!

    Travel back in time and become the person in charge of building famous Mount Rushmore! Direct workers and manage resources with the help of Henry Johnson, the site foreman, to finish work projects in time! Defend against thieves trying to sabotage your work sites! Will you be up to the task of building a monument on such a vast scale?

    As well as being one of the world's most famous monuments, Mount Rushmore is a recurring symbol in American films and in written works for which it provided inspiration. Mount Rushmore now welcomes over 2 million visitors every year, retracing more than 150 years of American history.

    - 30 UNIQUE LEVELS including more and more complex challenges!

    - 4 BUILDING AREAS, each with its own specific challenges! (Blacks Hills, Badlands, Rapid City, Mount Rushmore...)

    - Manage workers and resources to finish work projects in time! Build shops and factories to complete your projects faster! Protect your work sites against thieves trying to sabotage your plans!

    - Use your Time Management skills to complete levels in time!

    - Learn many true stories about the building of Mount Rushmore!

    - BONUS FEATURES: Collect as many points as possible on each level to unlock the game's bonus features!

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