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    Humanity’s last chance against an interdimensional invasion is a special living weapon called the Legion. As a rookie officer in the elite police task force Neuron, you and your Legion will work together to solve cases and save humankind.

    The ASTRAL CHAIN game gives you full control over two characters at once for thrilling Synergetic Action, courtesy of PlatinumGames. Alternate between several Legion types and skills to save the world your way.

    ASTRAL CHAIN features character designs by the acclaimed manga artist Masakazu Katsura (ZETMAN, Video Girl Ai), and marks the directorial debut of PlatinumGames’ Takahisa Taura (designer of NieR:Automata). Hideki Kamiya, director of the Bayonetta game and writer/supervisor of the Bayonetta 2 game, provides supervision.


    Players can control the protagonist and a special weapon called a Legion simultaneously, building stylish combos by using both characters in tandem There are multiple Legions in the game, each with different combat styles and abilities. Players can even strategically change between Legions at will during real-time battles This apocalyptic setting is full of intricate details and interesting characters, including citizens and suspects you can interact with in the city, others in the special police task force, and your twin sibling Use the abilities of the Legion not only in battle but also for investigating cases and solving environmental puzzles Uncover the secrets of the alternate dimension called the Astral Plane, where the mysterious invaders originate ASTRAL CHAIN is directed by Takahisa Taura, known for his work as the game designer on NieR:Automata, and supervised by Hideki Kamiya, creator of the Bayonetta series

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    Jussie3au says:
    Incredible game. Combat is spectacular. Quests are well done for an action game. Exploration is also done well, not open world but enough hidden around in seemingly empty areas to keep you looking. All in all I would say it's well worth picking up. I smashed through it without replaying any levels and it's taken me over 25+ hours to complete the main campaign. I missed quite a few side quests running through so it'd probably be 30+ easily for completionists. it's a 9/10 for me.

    I just finished this a few days ago. It has some pretty amazing wow moments and no one can argue that it looks incredible. I just wish it could've gotten out of its own way a little bit and quickened the pace. Some of the missions feel unnecessarily drawn out with little to no action. I also think combat is a bit muddled with a really bad action camera. While there's many cool things you can do during combat you only really need a couple of them to make it through. Mainly knowing how to dodge and warp to your Legion. I think they could've done a lot more here. Maybe the higher difficulties fix this problem.

    Update: I just completed my first playthrough of Astral Chain. Must say I loved the game. Story is typical as hell full of common tropes, twists and turns, but still entertaining. The game really shines with its presentation, style, music, level design and the fighting is ace, satisfying and fun. There's a lot of challenges and side stuff so the game has a lot of replay value as well. My first playthrough took me 40hrs. Ill be spending more time with this game for sure.

    Been playing this game for a couple weeks now. It is absolutely incredible. The fighting mechanics takes some getting used to but once you get a hang of it is very satisfying. Graphics, music, voice acting is done with finesse. The lore you explore is full of secrets and stuff to do. This game is also a Nintendo Switch exclusive. I highly recommend it.

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Futuristic Greek Mythology Browser MMORPG

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