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    SNK HEROINES ~Tag Team Frenzy~

    Play online or with friends as SNK's iconic heroines in the brand-new 2 vs 2 fighting game, SNK HEROINES Tag Team Frenzy! Activate Special Moves with a single button, and make use of special items to change the tide of battle! However, the fight isn't over the moment you've chipped enough health away. Once your opponent is on the ropes, utilize your Dream Finish technique to win the match! Spectate on other battles online, use your winnings to buy voice clips and accessories in an all-new costume system, and customize your favorite heroine to your heart's content!

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    So, the game is basically fan service till you plug in some time to get the coin to put all the characters in the base costumes. Now once you get the girls out of bikinis and treat it like a real fighter? Still lack luster and all can be. This is an easy accessible fighter, and it is not at a good example of one. Especially the dream finisher necessary win. Can make matchs drag out artificially. Just poorly designed, shame too considering theres some unique character options, but that DLC price is just way to high to get some of the coolest characters. Dont get this, get any classic neo geo fighter or better yet Fantasy Strike.

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