Enter a surreal ocean thriving with life, and lead a tiny spark of life in an evolutionary journey.
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    Sparkle 3 Genesis

    Step into the amazing world of Sparkle and take the evolution into your own hands. Discover a surreal ocean thriving with life, with conditions perfect to grow and evolve. Play as a tiny Spark of life, and start a journey filled with quests and battles against powerful bosses. Collect micro-elements, complete missions and stand on top of the food chain! Sparkle 3 Genesis is a beautiful visual experience in which you take control over the fate of a single, dreamlike organism. Immerse yourself with mesmerizing, ambient soundtrack while exploring 12 dreamlike levels. Explore the vast ocean in search of micro-elements and evolve from a tiny speck of life into a magnificent Sparkle. Choose whether your Sparkle will become a quick and relentless hunter, a peaceful plant-eater or a creature, whose features lie in between. Every element you eat matters - it will influence sparkle's growth, his skills, as well as his strengths and weaknesses. Spend the micro-elements in the genetic store to customize your Sparkle any way you want, with a nearly unlimited number of gene manipulation possibilities. Become a master of the evolution.

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    So I got all the sparkle titles for $0.50usd a piece. Same opinion on all three pretty much. At that low of a price I got a relaxing time waster for when/if I'm stuck on public transit etc. It isn't exactly a great game, or much of a game even. It has excellent sound and nice visuals, it is surprisingly fun to play as a wind down type game. It is in no way worth the base price though. This one is the best in my opinion, mostly just due to a better sound and color palette.

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Futuristic Greek Mythology Browser MMORPG

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