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    1001 Ultimate Mahjong 2

    Mahjong Solitaire has attracted players from around the world for decades - it took us just a couple of years to gather their experience into one, beautifully crafted proposal. What is so addictive in this subtle, yet demanding at a time, pair matching game? Now you can find the answer on your favourite gaming console! • 1001 stacks within 11 different categories. • Refined user interface makes it as easy and intuitive on the Nintendo Switch as it could be. • Customization options to tune the game into your individual one. • 8 different tile sets ranging from classical to crazy ones. • 6 varied themes mean there is something for every taste. • Over 50 beautiful backgrounds. • Challenging or relaxing way to play. • ...and... just come back every day to solve a new puzzle! 1001 Ultimate Mahjong ™ franchise wants to offer you the ultimate Mahjong experience. Since 2009.

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